Sunday, 22 January 2012

To Blog or not to BLOG,

That was my question today.

So, Jason Pardy has this great little blog about sports.
It is a true homage to his view of the sports world. He has a passion about sports, his knowledge of ALL sports gives him something great to talk about.
Now, I am sat here after reading his blog, "what the hell is my passion" Good Lord I must have something I can rant on about...I guess this is why my blog is called "Lorna's Rant Or Whatever".  I have nothing specific to talk about.

I keep thinking about my friends. I do not have a big circle of friend's. I keep to myself alot. But I find myself thinking about them and what they do with their daily lives and what are their passions.
Most of them are home with small children and are busy as bee's. Some are out of town. A lot of my friends like to "craft" unfortunately  I am not the crafty kind of person. And this means I do not share their passions.
I feel like I am at a different stage of my life then most of them, even though I am younger then some of them. I have already done what they are doing..I have had sleepless nights from teething, I have had the potty training and "no you have to share" experiences.
I am now going through teenage "stuff" I will be having sleepless night, and not because of teething.
And some of my friends will find out soon enough what I am dealing with (because one thing we all know for sure is that our children grow up too fast). Having teenagers, leaves me with a lot of free time, when I am not driving them around because they are into "hanging" with their friends more then Mommy. Which by the way I wouldn't want it any other way.

Sonow with my free time what I am I to do?!  I am now a blogger and soon going to be back as a runner. I LOVE running and I guess there are my two passions besides being "Mom".

So, this is my rant and this is my passion, just general ideas of life as I know it.

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  1. Nice "A Little Offside" plug, thanks. I really learned something here, I thought Vinny was always going to find me his coolest pal.