Wednesday, 18 January 2012

So here it goes. My blog...

Why in the hell are you starting a blog?" My friends ask. Well. I rant on and on about pretty much nothing and sometimes things are just too funny not to share, so here it goes. Sharing my life with you all.
I stay at home right now looking after my 13 year old daughter and my son is gone to college, while my husband travels for work leaving me to "tend" to the house and our electrical business. My mother is living with us now. Which makes for less quiet times and she is a great help with my daughter with rides and all the other typical teenage stuff they need.

Anyway, this was my first entry. Wish me luck. And goodness knows what you might find me writing about in here...from teenage daughter to how totally forgetful I am and about how goofy my dog is..maybe even how annoyed I am with just everyday life...


  1. Cool, now rant about whatever.

  2. I am ranting..can't you hear me?! Just wait till I get going :)

  3. You'll need a section dedicated to your garden!

  4. I can not wait to garden this year. In my own yard!!