Friday, 17 February 2012


I have been wanting to write something for days now, but can't put
"Pen to Paper" so to speak.

So what is new? How is life? What are you doing this weekend?
Nothing too new here, I am looking forward to a nice weekend of doing nothing, for no one...
Life is pretty good. Loving my new home, enjoying time on ski-doo. My children are all fine. So life is pretty good. My plans for the weekend. Forecast: Some TV, maybe a movie or two, and little ski-doo ride with a possibility of some wine tasting and slight chance of a hangover...
Gawd, I got it made. and I know it!!

My mind is" blogged". Ugh! I need something to write about, you know find that witty comment, just the right word. They aren't coming.

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